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ANGULUS shoes are made of natural cow leather from European tanneries, containing no harmful substances as regulated by EU directives.

From smooth and shiny Sierra leathers to ultra soft unform surfaced Nappa leathers and heavier tumbled Garby and Kentuchy leathers, our collections feature a wide selection of high quality leathers in different levels of shine and finish, softness, thickness, durability and with unique individual features - carefully curated for different types of shoes, seasons and needs.


Did you know that ANGULUS crepe soles are made from natural, renewable rubber?

ANGULUS natural crepe rubber soles are made from latex of the Rubber Tree, Hevea Brasilienes. The natural latex is tapped directly from the tree, in a process that leaves the tree unharmed and able to live and breathe for decades, generating clean air for generations to come. ANGULUS natural crepe rubber soles are produced in a mechanical process, using just salt for preservation. This way the rubber stays natural throughout the whole production flow – avoiding any use of fossil materials. ANGULUS crepe rubber soles also decompose naturally and can be reused to make new products. All surplus rubber from production is recirculated. Natural crepe rubber soles are very comfortable and extremely flexible, allowing the feet to move naturally. As the material softens more and more with each wear, the material provides excellent traction and cushioning for your feet, while still offering the needed support and comfort. The great advances can be seen in the softness, flexibility, naturalness and sustainability of the natural crepe rubber sole.


A wide selection of our winter boots feature ANGULUS TEX - a 100% waterproof PFAS-free membrane, which is laminated and fixed between the lining and the upper. The membrane effectively keeps water out but at the same time allows the foot to breathe and makes sure that moisture can evaporate. ANGULUS TEX keeps the feet dry and ensures a healthy foot climate. For the ANGULUS TEX-membrane to retain its properties it is important to apply the necessary leather care with a protection spray and shoe polish.

Our KIDS collections offer a range of winter boots lined with soft and comfortable merino wool lining, free of any undesirable harmful substances. The wool is soft and keeps the feet warm during the cold months and is sourced from free ranging sheep in Spain and Portugal.
We recommend 1.5 cm space for growing when buying woolen winter boots. This allows room for the wool lining, a woolen sock, for the feet to grow and a bit of wiggling the toes.

our shoeboxes

The shoe boxes are made of 89% cardboard, which comes from 100% recycled FSC materials. The remaining 11% is paper sourced from a Mixed FSC source. During recycling processes, these shoe boxes are sorted as cardboard.