After a successful generational change in the leadership, ANGULUS is currently managed by Clara Dawe (Chairwoman) and Sebastian Dawe (CEO). Together, they represent the third generation of the Dawe family entrusted with the responsibility of leading the brand, and the dedicated people behind it, into the future.

The management is committed to preserving the rich legacy of ANGULUS while also propelling it forward as a contemporary and dynamic brand. Under the leadership of Clara and Sebastian, the brand’s identity as a conscious family-owned business remains steadfast, ensuring a seamless continuation of the values and principles that have defined ANGULUS for generations.

With their leadership, Clara and Sebastian Dawe have raised the emphasis on the brand’s accountability and they are steering ANGULUS towards becoming an even more socially and environmentally responsible brand.

The new leadership is committed to fostering a culture of responsibility and ethical practices throughout the organization. This strategic direction not only aligns with contemporary consumer values but also stems from a steadfast belief that taking care of people and planet is a moral obligation and fundamental for the business’ license to operate. Clara and Sebastian Dawe understand the significance of adapting to the evolving landscape of consumer expectations and raised standards for responsible business conduct and they are dedicated to ensuring that ANGULUS not only meets but exceeds these expectations.

As ANGULUS embraces its future the brand is poised to continue its legacy as a distinguished family-owned business while simultaneously exploring, innovating and raising the bar. The combination of tradition and innovation solidifies ANGULUS as a brand that respects and loves its heritage and embraces the challenges and responsibilities of the future.