shoes for all feet

design philosophy


Children spend numerous hours in their shoes. It is therefore our number one priority to create comfortable high-quality footwear that supports them while growing and exploring the world.

The ANGULUS KIDS collection offers a timeless high quality shoe-wardrobe for your loved one from age 0-14, crafted in natural materials. With features such as plenty of room to wiggle the toes, solid heel caps, padded insoles, adjustable fastening and soft, light and flexible soles, carved for extra arch support, we’re always deeply devoted to our commitment to keeping those little feet supported, comfortable and happy. And because little feet come in different shapes and sizes, so does our design, to ensure the perfect fit and the right support for new adventures.

Acknowledging the changing needs during childhood, ANGULUS KIDS offers three different collections for TODDLERS size 19-25, KIDS size 22-32 and TWEENS size 30-40. Each collection presents a wide range of age and season friendly footwear, designed to cover your child’s need throughout the season. The collections present a beautifully balanced union of cherished classics and brand new designs, presented in colours ranging from classic warm browns and neutrals to a more playful and bright colour scheme, accompanied by fun print, figurative embroidery, sparkling glitter and crafted detailing.


Always investigating the perfect balance between honouring the rich history and traditions of ANGULUS, while interpreting relevant elements from the zeitgeist and dynamic fashion trends, ANGULUS women’s offers a timeless yet contemporary shoe wardrobe for modern living.

Centered around a deep devotion to comfort and functionality, high-quality materials, crafted details and long-lasting design, each collection offers those perfect character classics, that will pass the test of time.

The collection is presented in timeless luxurious browns, sleek blacks, quiet neutrals and carefully curated pops of bright colours, adding an uplifting and playful element to the grounded aesthetics.

Ranging from the perfect pair of comfortable Fisherman’s sandals to musthave workwear loafers, practical everyday boots and sophisticated heels the collection offers all you need to feel well-dressed and comfortable throughout the changing seasons and every day of the week.


Ranging from the perfect pair of Penny loafers to casual desert boots, wearable Chelsea boots and warm winter boots, the ANGULUS Men’s collection offers a blend of classic and contemporary footwear, designed to meet the demands of modern living. Crafted in durable high-quality materials, the collection is presented in a timeless
colour palette of warm browns, subtle neutrals, navy, greens and black with enduring detailing such as brogue-pattern, contrast stitching and distinctive sole trimming.

The collection presents a carefully curated selection of comfortable shoe wardrobe essentials with a timeless feel, that can be worn season after season, contributing to an everlasting shoe wardrobe