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We are excited to announce a meaningful collaboration between ANGUULUS and SPOOR,
a leading provider of traceable leather sourced from Northern Europe with stringent ethical and
animal welfare standards in production.

We have embarked on a journey to integrate SPOOR’s traceable leathers into
our value chain, beginning with the transformation of the most popular leathers
into traceable variants. This strategic initiative is a testament to ANGULUS’
commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices in the footwear and
leather industry.

As of 2023, the transformed leather represents approximately 5% of our total
leather usage for ANGULUS products. While acknowledging that there is much
more to be done, we take pride in this significant first step towards a more accountable practice.
By prioritizing the transformation of our most popular leathers into fully traceable alternatives,
ANGULUS aims to take a proactive stance and responsibly manage our use of leather.

This progressive approach not only aligns with our ethical standards but also
simplifies the path for consumers to make responsible choices in their leather
consumption. Looking ahead, we will continue to extend this transformation to
the entire range of leathers in the coming years.

By doing so, we aim to align with the highest industry standards, demonstrating
that traceability and responsibility can go hand in hand in the world of fashion. As we start this journey,
ANGULUS invites our customers to join in the commitment to responsible and traceable leather,
fostering a sustainable future for both the industry and the planet. Together with SPOOR, ANGULUS is proud to
pioneer positive change in the fashion landscape.


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