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ANGULUS has developed its own great range of care products in connection with the opening of our shop this year. The range features a number of essential products to prolong the life of your shoes and maintain their appearance longer.

These products can be purchased online and from the ANGULUS shop at Sværtegade 10, 1118 Copenhagen K.



At ANGULUS, we use only genuine leather for all our shoes. Like rubber, leather is a natural material that requires care if it is to remain in good condition.




  • Patent leather is surface treated leather and easy to look after. It does not need to be impregnated with water repellent, simply dried off often with a damp cloth. You can also treat the surface with patent leather polish so it doesn’t dry out. If the surface gets scratched, treat the scratch with a transparent shoe cream to saturate the leather beneath so it doesn’t absorb moisture.



  • Most of our winter boots are made from smooth leather. They should always be treated with a water repellent a couple of times before use and then once a week or two depending on the weather and usage. You can also use a shoe polish in a matching colour.


  • Suede and nubuck also require regular treatment with water repellent before use to keep them in good condition. This is especially important before the shoes or boots are worn for the first time. If they get muddy or dirty, let them dry out before brushing off the dirt and treating again with water repellent.




During the winter months your shoes will be exposed to both salt and water. It is therefore important to wipe the salt layer off the leather immediately and treat your shoes often in periods with a lot of snow.

Road salt can affect the leather and in some cases create surface bulges and marks. If the damage is already done, here is an old-fashioned tip:

Use ½ dl normal vinegar and ½ dl water and a cloth.

Rub the leather with the vinegar-dampened cloth for a couple of minutes where the leather is damaged. Allow the shoe to dry and repeat the treatment if necessary.

Remember to polish the shoes/boots after treatment and look after them in future with the recommended care products for the type of leather.



All ANGULUS children’s winter boots are lined with 100 % lambs wool, which is extremely soft and warm. Even though it eventually becomes compressed with wear it is quite bulky, so you should allow 1.5 cm toe space when you buy the boots. This gives room to wiggle toes and for them to grow during the months the boots are in use.

Most of our boots also have an ANGULUS-TEX membrane, which allows the boots to breathe while at the same time keeping them waterproof. If your child’s socks are still damp after hours of play, it is possible that it is actually not yet cold enough for winter boots. Our lined winter boots with the TEX membrane are best when temperatures are around 5C or below.


We use exclusively chrome-free lining in our children’s shoes and of course, no zips or buckles containing nickel.



ANGULUS shoes are made with natural materials, so correct storage is also important as the seasons change.


If you have shoes you wish to put away, the following guidelines may be useful to avoid unpleasant surprises when you get them out again.


Clean your boots/shoes thoroughly, including their soles. The uppers can be wiped off with a damp cloth and allowed to dry. Spray the uppers with ANGULUS Protector spray and place them back in the shoebox for storage and preferably in a place that is not too warm or too cold.


Most ANGULUS shoes have crepe rubber soles. Crepe rubber is extremely hardwearing, flexible and durable. As it I a natural material, it can also become affected by its surroundings. If the sole becomes sticky on the surface, it may be that it has come in contact with some form of solvent, e.g. petrol at a service station. If this happens, you can dry it off with a little talcum and rub it with fine sandpaper. Soles can also become stiff and inflexible. This is most often after the shoe has been kept in a cold garage or cellar. Place it against a warm radiator for an hour until it regains its natural softness and flexibility again. Easy, right?


  • In addition, you can also read more about STICKY OR STIFF SOLES. If you find that your ANGULUS shoes are suffering from this, don’t despair - there is a solution, because you are the owner of a pair of shoes made with the best natural materials.



Shoes bought in our webshop cannot be exchanged at the ANGULUS shop on Sværtegade and vice versa. The same applies to complaints. Address your complaints and queries to the shop where you purchased the shoes and remember to take your purchase receipt with you.


If you wish to return or exchange an item purchased via out webshop, please use the accompanying returns form. See other terms and conditions in “Returns and Complaints” sent to you via email with your order confirmation.