ATC Footwear

“Skomager, bliv ved din læst” is an old Danish saying meaning: don’t do anything you’re not qualified to do, which, apart from its obvious relevance to our industry also says something about us as a company. We do what we’re good at, and we don’t change just for the sake of it. The company has been known as A/S Angulus Trading Co. since 1959. It is a name with proud traditions in the footwear industry. We carry these traditions on, developing our products and service so that we are regarded as a serious and competent partner in the footwear industry and maintain our reputation as a manufacturer of quality shoes.


We have brought our name up to date and are now called ATC Footwear A/S - ATC being an abbreviation for the original name and how we normally refer to ourselves. And we don’t need to tell our English-speaking customers what ‘Footwear’ refers to! We will continue to design, develop and manufacture our own ANGULUS shoes, which have recently been voted the best international children’s shoe by the British Junior Magazine. In addition, we will continue selling and repairing quality shoes from Clarks, Lloyd, ara, Jenny and Peter Kaiser.


The news then is that only the name has changed. Everything else stays the same, including our address and Danish business registration (CVR) number. We hope you like our new name. We have got used to it now and are really happy with it. So, don’t be alarmed when we answer the telephone with “ATC Footwear”. It will still be the same super employees you will be speaking to.